Are you ready to earn more money on the deals you close?


Sellstate Realtya national franchise that was labeled the first complete Real Estate Company in the industry, has brought our national franchise brand to Jacksonville!  The programs offered to agents through Sellstate Realty sets us apart from any other company.


Sellstate Realty offers:


  • The most aggressive pay structure in the industry
  • The most comprehensive technology package, the PowerSuite system, provided to our agents at no cost
  • A company-sponsored retirement plan
  • True direct-to-agent lead generation
  • Classroom training for real-estate and technology with a full-time trainer with over 15 years-experience in the Real-estate business
  • Alliances with Zillow and to give us the strongest lead generation, reaching 100,000,000 unique consumers and gives our agents free preferred status on these sites



I would love to set up a meeting with you and share with you what Sellstate Realty has to offer experienced and new agents alike, helping accelerate their careers in Real-Estate. 


A meeting does not cost you anything but time.  Not contacting me is costing you valuable $$. is the corporate website and if you click on the link below you can view the Sellstate Powersuite package all of our agents receive at no cost along with your own personal website.



Click here to view Sellstate’s innovative agent technology à      Sellstate PowerSuite


Sellstate High Performance Realty
Sellstate High Performance Realty
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